TowingSA Jump Start Service

Jump Start Service

We offer Roadside Assist for light motor vehicles, jump starts (flat battery), wheels changes (flat wheel) and fuel runs (out of fuel).

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Jump Start Service

While modern vehicles have advanced significantly over the years, one thing remains constant – before you drive, the car must start first. If you’re in a situation where you turn the key or press the start button, and nothing happens, it’s likely due to a dead or worn out battery. The good news is that this situation can often be resolved by having a roadside assistance professional come to your location, to provide a jump start service, which can help to get your vehicle up and running.

Our flat rate for a jump start service is R 450-00 for the roadside technician to come to your location and safely jump start your car, bakkie or motorcycle.

Unfortunately, if the car shuts off after it starts up, or can’t start up due to a different mechanical issue, a tow would be required – which is a separate service.

Once the service has been booked, we’ll quickly dispatch one of our local mobile roadside assistance professionals, who will arrive to your location to help jump start the vehicle. In most cases, our professional will arrive within 30 minutes. While it might be tempting to have another motorist attempt to jump start your vehicle, this can cause serious damage to your vehicle if the battery cables are hooked up incorrectly. And believe it or not – this happens quite frequently across SA each day.

Our roadside service professionals are trained on how to correctly jump start a vehicle without causing damage, creating issues with the vehicle’s security system or electrical system.

Jump Start Service

Why Should I Use TowingSA for Jump Starting Services?

A dead battery is not something that is expected to occur. In fact, most roadside services come up at the most inconvenient time. Using TowingSA to “GET HELP” for these unexpected times is fast, easy, safe and secure. While it’s simple to set up these services, if questions come up, we’re available around the clock to help you through the process. The TowingSA customer service support team is available by chat, phone or email to answer any questions you have. Once your service has been completed, TowingSA encourages you to review your roadside service professional through our Facebook Page @TowingSA. This helps us improve our services and keeps our people honest, working hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your service.

TowingSA is dedicated to simplifying the process of setting up emergency roadside services that pop up when you least expect. Anytime your car, bakkie or motorcycle will not crank over and you need a jump start – TowingSA is there for the job.

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